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Why choose an Afternoon Tea for your Hen party?

We’ve all been there. You get an invite to a hen that involves a 4 hour drive, a B&B and some sort of soul destroying activity -oh and it’ll cost you a full weekend and €150 for the pleasure.
So here’s an alternative for you tea drinking (or champagne loving!) ladies getting married soon.

It’s an excellent way to break the ice between different groups of friends & family. You can have it as an early part to your weekend away so everyone can introduce themselves and have a chat. Or you can get all dolled up, book some vintage singers like the Honeydews and make it a vintage tea dance affair
It can be a perfect solution for those brides who don’t drink or don’t want a full weekend of shenanigans. It can still be glam and fun but doesn’t involve trekking to the other side of the country and spending a fortune
Your grannies and aunties will love the old-school nature of it. The traditional “hen party” was actually a kitchen party where all your neighbours and female relatives came to the house and presented the bride to be with gifts such as salt (so life has flavour) and bread (so may you never have hunger in your house)

People will LOVE how different it is and will really enjoy dressing up either in vintage style or just in glam dresses and scoffing down some tiny sandwiches and cream buns
You can cater for this on whatever budget you want! Make it Moet champagne and cheese boards from Sheridans Cheesemongers. Or get your hands on the €7 a bottle Prosecco from Aldi and get granny to make her legendary scones and jam
You don’t have to hire an expensive venue for hosting. Your own home or your bridesmaids gaff might be the perfect spot and it gives you flexibility to set it up exactly how you want

So if you think this might be the right idea for your hen do or bridal shower get your bridesmaids on board now!
The Dish Dolly can provide mismatched Vintage china, cake stands, silk flowers, cutlery and table linens. Adding the glam to your hen do has literally never been easier

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