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The DIY Wedding – Plan, Plan, Plan!

With just 4 weeks to go until the Big Day all has gotten a bit quieter on the DIY Wedding front. The suppliers are all reconfirmed, configuration of the marquee and layout is all done and the plants are all potted!
This week I’m going to give some tips & inside info on planning a DIY wedding and how YOU can achieve it

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Choosing what kind of day you want is absolutely paramount to everything else falling in line. Whether you want a civil ceremony in the garden, a black tie do in a 5 star hotel or a bohemian tented affair you need to choose your venue and style carefully. After that, the suppliers you choose need to align with what you want to aim for. There is no point choosing a documentary style photographer if you really want formal portraits with family and friends.
Whatever you choose, make sure it is achievable, within you budget and exactly the way you want your Big Day.
Whether your budget is mahoosive like Meg & Harry’s or not it is a good idea to have a figure in mind when the planning commences. In 2017, the average spend on a wedding was just over €26,000 (including a €5000 budget for honeymoon) according to the Weddings Online survey of 1200 couples. This may be so far removed from your reality (in either direction!) or you might think this is an achievable figure for your Big Day. In either case, it is so important to work within your budget and make realistic approximations when compiling this. Doing some research and emailing suppliers before you get started is a good way of being budget savvy.
A pro tip is to have a contingency cash pile of about 5-10% of your overall fund to cover unexpected costs in the run up. Whether it’s forgetting to include flower girls shoes or you decide you really want that 6 foot ice sculpture of Ophelia, the goddess of love, for your reception there will be more expenses than you think!
Do your RESEARCH! If you have chosen your caterer, photographer or florist have a look through their portfolios online and have an early meeting before the serious planning happens. Ask lots of questions but at the back of it all if you don’t have a good rapport go with your gut feeling. If you can imagine having a good natter over a strong G&T with the person sitting in front of you, you’re on to a winner!
You also need to figure out as a couple what is important to you for the Big Day. For some people, the music is of absolute importance. For others, high quality food and wine is the bigger picture. So you need to match your suppliers to this and budget accordingly. If you want the top-of-the-wedding-circuit 10-piece swing band then you need to budget more for this. Spend the money on the things that will make it the perfect day for you and your fella or missus. An excellent starting point is the brand new premium wedding supplier directory in Ireland,
After you have covered these 3 starting points you are good to go! Next week I’ll get into the nitty gritty of choosing a venue, nailing down suppliers and styling your event.
In the meantime pop right on over to one of my most popular blog posts about the DIY wedding venue – what you gotta know!

Happy planning folks!


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