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The DIY Wedding – It’s A Family Affair!

We are now only 7.5 weeks until the big day guys. The madness has commenced, the heads are slightly melted and the sheds are sparkling!
When it came to deciding how we wanted to decorate and host our friends and family we knew we wanted to be as hands on as possible all along the way. This is something we may regret in the next few weeks, but for now we’re embracing it.
We are lucky enough to all be creative-ish and good at making & doing and happen to have a full factory full of material sand machinery a our disposal. It absolutely has been a family affair so far, all hands on deck! Here’s what we are at for the week:

Bar & Drinks Tables
For my 21st birthday party a couple (!) of years ago I asked for our shed to be turned into a bar. And being the spoiled youngest child that I am my Dad happily obliged…. So we have decided to make an extra bar for the new shed space we’ll be using for serving drinks and mingling should it be raining.
We are also making high tables for the pre-ceremony charcuterie boards and drink. These will be laser cut wood and be assembled and painted in the next few weeks. I use these tables at wedding fairs as they can be taken apart and stored flat. Dad has his work cut out this week!
Ceremony Background
I have a plan to laser cut giant initials of the happy couple to add to the ceremony decor in the barn – Kind of like the giant LOVE letters you see at some weddings, only less fancy.  This will be along side some beautiful floral arrangements and flowers flowing from the hay loft. It’ll also be an excellent photo prop for after the ceremony. They’ll be about 5 foot high and painted white. I’ll give an update on how these work out as they are currently in fabrication!
The florist Brigid from Fernwood Flowers came for a site visit the other day. This was kind of difficult as the shed is not built and the marquee isn’t standing yet…. It’s a job you reeeeally need to have creative vision for! We are doing some wreaths of greenery and lavender on our front and back doors to the house. Along with pedestal arrangements for the ceremony area in the barn and containers with overflowing blooms for hanging out from the hay loft. The scheme is lots of greenery using eucalyptus and native Irish as much as we can.
As our home is the venue we’ll be getting hanging basket sand planters filled in the next week or so. Hopefully we’ll have a garden of Eden sorted in 7 weeks!
Various Suppliers
We have started to call around various suppliers to check in, pay bills and get a general idea of when deliveries will be arriving in the week leading up to the Big Day… it takes a village!
I have been getting a timeline for the week ready so that we all have a good idea of when things are happening. For example, the marquee will be up on the Tuesday, the furniture will arrive Thursday. So Thursday will be kept for setting up tables and getting the layout right to optimise the space. Then it’s basically where we all need to be on the day itself and at what time everything is happening. Still need to nail down a few things.
General Bits & Pieces
 – Our Mam bought a load of linen tablecloths and napkins for the event so has been washing, starching and ironing these all week!
 – The Dish Dolly is supplying a lot of items for the BBQ the following day but I need some extra glasses and cake stands and ordering them this week from my supplier
 – The last bits of online items need to be bought this week – fairy lights, battery operated tealights etc.
 – Mam has also been at home sweeping, dusting, painting and clearing out junk from the barn venue. It’s 100 years old so it’s bound to be rustic looking but we just need a slightly tidied up version of “shabby chic”. This is what it looked like a few weeks ago… complete with mood lighting lighting leftover from my 21st. Hard to imagine there’ll be wedding in here in the next few weeks!

As us country folk say “She’s sucking diesel now lads!”….
Next week I’ll give an update on our making and doing and put up photos of our new and improved barn!
If anyone has any tips of their own to share I’d love to include them in a blog piece coming soon. So send me your tips & advice for planning the Big Day!


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