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The DIY Wedding – All you need to know continued!

So with just 9 weeks to go until the Wedding of the CENTURY (JK all weddings are just as important!) the DIY and planning has really kicked up a notch. In my last post I outlined what we achieved in the weeks following the engagement. My sister flew home for Christmas and we got a lot of boxes ticked that she had to have input on. Don’t worry, she’s not a Bridezilla… Pete has had plenty of input so far too! (Always remember to include the Groom ladies, he is afterall 50% of the couple getting married!)
With a lot of the suppliers chosen and booked it was time to do get some face-to-face meetings. Here’s what we got done.
So we arrived to meet the celebrant (the lovely John from Spiritualist Union of Ireland) thinking it would be a basic “sign here” kind of talk. But actually John did an excellent run through of the entire ceremony, what the happy couple wanted to include, what they wanted scrapped, how long they wanted it and who would be involved in the ceremony. What an insight! I personally had absolutely no idea how a non-religious wedding went as I had never been to one. But basically, you can do it whatever way you want. It is completely personalised, you can edit any item in the ceremony you want and I think it is the absolute best way to include everything and everyone in your big day.
There are just 2 legal bits in the ceremony that have to be included but apart from that you pretty much have free reign.

So after trawling the internet pages at the end of last summer we came across Turning Tables catering in Kildare. Not exactly local to us but Niamh & Pete had a pretty specific idea of what they wanted and these guys fit the bill 100%. They want high quality food, grazing platters throughout the day and for people to really remember what they ate on June 23rd in a marquee in a field in Ireland! We booked in for a tasting and arrived to the beautiful Bouchon restaurant in Naas. In my opinion, this has been the BEST bit of wedding planning so far (oh and the wine tasting!) All items had been pre-chosen and this was Niamh’s opportunity to swap things in or out – We kept them all!

At this stage we were still cracking on with hosting at the original venue so we did a site visit and a run through of how the day would go, where the marquee would sit etc. However, unknown to me we all started having little doubts as to the suitability of the grounds for a marquee/garden party style wedding. A few weeks later, it all came out that all of us were on the fence and we decided to bite the bullet and host at home. We liaised with the venue and confirmed we would still be booking it out for accommodation for the same dates.
What a pain in the…. So this has probably been the most difficult thing on the list to deal with. It can take a week or more for someone to reply to emails and they only answer the phone during limited hours in the working. Niamh & Pete have extra bits to do as they live abroad and Pete is Australian. They have been trying to lock in an immigration interview for Pete for nearly 6 months now and still no date is confirmed. The only advice I can give is to keep pestering them with emails and ask for follow up within a specific timeframe. They have their joint appointment sorted, so you would think that the immigration date would be set as easy?! Nope!
Niamh and our Mam had a good gander at various florists around our area and we finally came across Brigid of Fernwood Flowers in Oldcastle, our local town. She totally got what Niamh wanted (modern, plenty of greenery with a touch of white and pink) and was available – We were only 6 months out at this stage! Her weddings are beautiful and different and she grows a lot of her own flowers right here in Co. Meath!

Other Bits & Bobs
Decor items – Our Mam Teri (the Queen of internet finds!) trawled the internet for gold lanterns, battery operated tealights, linen tablecloths & napkins and white bunting. All were great successes (Thank the world for Amazon!) and are currently awaiting use in our kitchen, dining room, under the stairs and various sheds…
Wine – Our mother is also a connoisseur of wines, fine and otherwise. This paired with her aforementioned eye for a deal is a match made in heaven! She ordered some wines from Musgraves and Wines Direct and we got sampling! We chose our favourites and have started to buy a bit every few weeks to spread the cost out. I’m not gonna lie, having 6 cases of Veuve Cliquot in the dining room can be tempting… But we must resist!
So as you can see, we have been a busy family the last couple of months. But in the end it will all be worth it….
Next week I’ll be telling you all the DIY bits and pieces we will be creating for the Big Day, how we’ve coped so far with the planning and what is left to achieve!
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Happy planning Folks

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