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The DIY Wedding – 6 Weeks To Go!

Well, never have I ever been so excited about the installation of a shed lads & lassies! Finally we have half a wedding venue after months of planning… This shed is an integral part of hosting the Big Day as it’ll house the ALL IMPORTANT bar area, the caterers will run a service area from it and it’ll be coverage in the UNLIKELY event of rain (you can never be too optimistic) So the relief is real!
We have been busy bees, so much so that I forgot all about my weekly blog update last week. So here’s what we have managed to complete in the last wee while (along with, you know, having a real life and a real job!)
Giant Letters
They have landed and they are fabulous! We’ve decided that we’ll simply paint them white and lean them at the side of the barn with lights around them as a backdrop/photo opp for those inclined. Shout out to aka Dad for getting these done!

As mentioned above…. She’s finally here! Once all the actual build is done we still have to wire her up and paint the floor! With only 6 weeks until final week of prep we are cutting it slightly fine but it’ll be alright on the night. (Side note: I don’t know why She’s a She but she definitely is!)
Online Orders
This is an ongoing situation as we think of things EVERY week! This week we have ordered some outdoor festoon lighting for a pathway leading from the entrance to the drinks reception area and towards the shed & marquee areas. Full-on festival vibes with these and hopefully they’ll arrive from Amazon next week – I’ll keep you posted on the quality as they were quite a bargain.

Final confirmations of all guests are all sorted so we have an absolute number. I mean, there’s always a chance of a few people not being able to come last minute like if Baby Betty gets the pukes the day before. Emergencies happen so you have to be prepared for drop outs or cancellations and take it all in your stride.
Dressing Ourselves
Bride – Tick!
Big Sis managed to get her dress months ago and it’s currently hanging in her wardrobe here at home. It’s cool and modern and not a “wedding dress” exactly – totally her style!
MOTB – Tick
The first outfit she bought and got delivered was The Chosen One. How lucky was she?
Bridesmaid (aka Me) – Several thousand dresses currently winging their way to me via the internet! I didn’t think it would be so hard to choose a non-bridesmaidy bridesmaid dress. As I am the only one standing up there with her the pressure is on to look photogenic, sexy, cute, dressy but casual enough for a wedding in a barn with suitable shoes for walking on grass…. Ideas on a postcard to The Dish Dolly, The Barn, Co. Meath.
General DIY
We currently have potted plants coming out our ears, have painted every standing thing outside the house and the grass in the field has never been so manicured!
PRO TIP: If you buy a shed load of colourful plants and manage not to kill them on the drive home, stick them in a load of pots and even the falling down house with chipped paint and crows roosting in every window will look fabulous.

It is getting so close to the Big Day now and while there is a bit of stress seeping in the excitment is definitely building! The happy couple will be home in just 3 weeks! And we have the work gloves ready and a list of things for them to do as soon as they land haha.
We cannot wait to host all our Irish and overseas friends & family in the next 6 weeks… it’s gonna be epic!
I am planning on doing a blog of DIY things you can do for your own wedding or party once this madness is over.. if there’s anything you want info on simply pop an email to or get in touch on social media.
Til next time,

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