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The DIY Wedding – 16 Days & Counting

Well it only seems like yesterday that it was Christmas and we were all saying “Sure we have 6 months to go, plenty of time”. Well holy cow that has gone exceptionally fast. As expected, you can plan all you like but all the hard work is literally in the 2 weeks before the Big Day.
The Happy Couple have arrived in from Australia, the work gloves are on and everyone is mucking in for the final push of spreading gravel, building bars and painting anything that’s left standing.
The excitement is building as all our friends and family are planning their trips and keeping in touch with their plans.
Mam & Dad have played a blinder over the last few weeks and our back meadow now looks like a movie set from an old western. The sweat (and copious amounts of wine drank on the lawn) that has gone into this setting is unreal – Never underestimate what you can do yourself! But if there is one thing I can advise it is to always have a plan. If you feel like your evening is too quiet, you’ve definitely forgotten something!
Here’s what we’ve achieved in the last week or two:

 – Hanging baskets have been planted by our local nursery Summerbank Flowers and they kept them for a few weeks while they grew and to make sure we didn’t kill the poor petals before the Big Day.
 – The bar & bar tables have been made by our own Dad and have been painted and assembled and will all be complete by this weekend
 – The electrics are juuuuust about ready to go. But we will have a lot of extension leads everywhere which I suppose isn’t ideal. But the smell and the noise of a generator just wouldn’t work on our small event site. But I would recommend it for a larger venue/site!
 – This week we need to sort lighting. We have as many battery powered fairy lights as you can probably fit in one party but they are an essential bit of low lighting for walkways and doorways – the less plugs we have to use the better! We will need some uplighters and extra lamps for areas such as the bar, bathroom block and the outdoor seating areas.
 – All our suppliers now have been reconfirmed and final bits have been added to orders. We have extra bits of furniture to add to our hire list as we just won’t get the extra things like low bar tables made on time.
 – The logistics and timetable of the day will probably need some fine tweaking closer to the Big Day. But we have a rough idea of timings for everyone arriving and setting up. The marquee is now set to go up the Saturday the week before so that is excellent. The hire furniture from Higgins arrives on the Wednesday so aim is to have full marquee set up done that day – in between nail appointments which may be deemed a waste of time by then with all the heavy lifting!
– The bar supplies have all been bought in the cash & carry. The booze, mixers and essential boxes of Tayto crisps may get a battering in the next couple of weeks though! I would highly recommend Musgraves to anyone doing a DIY event, borrow a card off a friend and you will make such savings on essentials

 PHEW! It has been a busy few days and will only get busier next week but we are enjoying it and making sure to have the odd glass of sparkling every now and then – it is a celebration after all!
 As always, happy planning folks,


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