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The DIY couple – simple things to make & do for your big day! (or any party really)

So I’m just about recovered from the Spectacular Vintage Fair event in the Hibernian Club in Dublin on Sunday. (You can see the rest of their fairs for the year listed here)It was so lovely to meet social media followers in person and hear what all the couples have planned for their big day.
One thing I noted was lots of people who kindly complimented my stand set up and sample place settings. So it got me thinking about what simple, effective things you can DIY for your big day if you’re on a budget. Nothing like a bit of hot glueing and crafting to bring couples closer together!
Place settings
At my stand I had a simple green and white theme with some old gin bottles thrown in for luck. I used brown gardening twine and rosemary from the garden as napkin holders. The colour popped really well and total cost was about €2. You can use linen cloths provided by your caterer or venue.

In place of the rosemary you could use lavender, or a single sprig of a flower you love. Something aromatic is ideal! In the below pic I used a hot pink geranium sprig from my folks garden and a name tag that you can buy in packs from most craft shops such as Art N Hobby or Inspiring Ideas. (the rose is silk and available for hire from me!)

You could mix and match vintage china plates (available for hire from The Dish Dolly!)with whiteware for an eclectic style setting and a splash of colour.

Centre pieces
On Sunday I had an old Bombay Gin bottle as a centre piece item with some brown twine wrapped around the top and 3 stems of gym/baby’s breathe in to give height. I had a large church candle and a smaller glass candle holder surrounding it. I would always group things in odd numbers as it gives more interest to the piece.

You could use a whisky bottle or wine bottles perhaps and use a different colour twine or string to wrap the top. Any tall stems could be used in the bottle, such as stock, eucalyptus or fern fronds. Do some scavenging around your garden (or your mammies prized flower beds!) and see what is available. Otherwise you can buy some stems direct from your local florist or garden centre.
Seating Plan/Signs
Grab yourself a chalk marker and some mirrors and you are sorted! This is such an easy and lovely way to make signs for your ceremony and venue. Make sure the marker can be used on glass and is fully washable before destroying Granny’s antique mirror…

I bought the easel for €30 on DoneDeal. It was copper and black and I sprayed it using Ronseal Plasticoat gold spray! Always a good idea to look on sales sites and pre-loved wedding pages such as “Help I’m getting Married” on Facebook for bargains.
You could also use chalk boards, old whiteboards from offices or schools. Check with your local community centre and again on DoneDeal for borrowings or bargains!
Table runner
It could also be used to wrap jars and candle holders, for making large bows for pew ends in the church or as a backdrop for a photo booth. Lots of possibilities here!
Well I hope this was helpful to all you DIYers out there. Don’t forget to share pics of what you have created with The Dish Dolly on Facebook and Instagram.
Happy crafting folks!

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