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Irish Summer Hosting – Think green!

The Summer is kicking off in style! Although there is rain today the next week or so is looking to be warm and sunny – Hallelujah! Us Irish are the best in the world when the weather is in our favour – I suppose given that we have a Winter that generally lasts 6 months and is pure misery, when the Sun Gods are looking down on us we REALLY APPRECIATE IT. The farmer tans, socks & sandals combos and the 99’s are everywhere and we’re delighted with life.

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Summer time is also an opportunity to host your nearest and dearest for a nice catch up. Gone are the days of stuffy hotel function rooms and gloomy back rooms in pubs! Us Irish are now hosting more parties than ever at home  and this can clearly be seen with the number of marquees and gazebos to be seen in back gardens across the country – in estates, country homes and common areas at apartment blocks. Given the stringent “drink driving” rules and the expense of eating out the solution is clear – host your own intimate dinner with an Aldi shop or make super cocktails in your own kitchen with Tesco’s special Summer offers.  Dish Dolly HQ is renowned for it’s Summer parties, barbecues and Sunday lunches – even if its just myself and the folks! The grub is prepped, the drinks are put on ice and the good outdoor furniture is wiped down (Bloody swallows!)



DIY Wedding Hire

DIY Wedding Hire – Artificial Greenery in action 


Given the current climate of us all wanting to mind our little planet a bit more hosting is an ideal opportunity to cut back on your waste and be more aware of the products you buy. Instead of buying those plastic cups or non-recyclable disposable cutlery think about hiring plates, cutlery and glasses for the perfect, environmentally friendly table setting. Artificial greenery saves you cutting back your bee-friendly garden flowers & linen tablecloths can replace those plastic table coverings! Straws should be eliminated or purchase paper ones where


Glassware Hire from The Dish Dolly

Glassware Hire from The Dish Dolly

If everyone changes one thing this Summer we will all become the heroes that our Planet needs!




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  1. Teri

    Great post Áine & an excellent viewpoint on “disposable” crockery & cutlery… ❤️

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