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Halloween is around the corner!

So I know that there are selection boxes in Tesco, Brown Thomas unveiled their Christmas window at the weekend and the kids are starting to tear the Smyth’s catalogue apart to get their speak in for pressies. But lads – what happened to Halloween?! Anyone that knows me will tell you that Halloween is more fun for me than all the other holidays in the calendar put together. The costume planning, the pumpkin carving, the scaring the bejaysus out of the trick-or-treaters – I love it all!
To help you with some last minute planning, here’s my ideas, my tricks and my treats for having a ghoulish gathering of your own over the bank holiday weekend.
Costume planning
Of COURSE you have to have the most amazing and creative costume as the host. There are some things that seem to be really popular this year:
1920’s/Prohibition – make like a boot-legger and whip out the flapper dress, the pinstripe suit and the moonshine
Mermaid/Unicorn – these fantastical creatures seem to be everywhere at the moment with Penney’s even getting in on the gig with a mermaid make-up palette.
Deer/Lion/Leopard – one for the “I want a costume but want to wear my regular clothes and still look cute” guys and gals. There are oodles of make-up tutorials on Youtube and Pinterest on how to achieve these looks. AND you can wear your regular clothes.
Classic witch – you CANNOT go wrong with a fake lumpy nose and some black clothes and a witch’s hat. Still a classic costume in my opinion.

Disney Villain – Oh the possibilities are endless here. One of my faves is Cruella de Vil, but there are so many to choose from for guys and gals. How about Jafar from Alladin? Or Ursula from The Little Mermaid? Or Scar from the Lion King?

There are some really cool things you can do around house to make subtle but very creepy Halloween scenes in your house.
– Have some cake stands and cloches set out with skulls and bones underneath them and some dry ice available from Polar Ice online
– Change the prints in your picture frames to creepy family portraits. There are lots of printables available for free online and Pinterest.
– Dim your lights across the house and create creepy ambience with lots and lots of church candles. A safer option so that you don’t burn the house down and have a real horror show is battery operated ones from Home Store & More (€4.00 each)
– Change your regular items on shelves and coffee tables with skulls, fake black roses (try any Dealz stores for these)
Have a black and white horror movie playing on your TV or even better, borrow a projector and make a cool movie backdrop in your kitchen or back garden!
– Go to your local drapery or haberdashery and buy lengths of cheap chiffon or cotton material. These can be draped over lights and lamps, hung from windows and curtain poles or used as a tablecloth.
PRO TIP: You should scavenge in your local charity shop for costume bits and pieces, affordable props for decorating and weird and wonderful things you never knew you needed – one mans’ treasure and all that. TK Maxx and Homesense stores also have an excellent range of décor items for Halloween.
Creepy Cocktails
It would be rude not to have a themed cocktail as a welcome drink for guests. There are cool Kilner dispensers available for hire from The Dish Dolly (which I have mentioned in a previous blog) and you can also hire extra glasses and plates if you’re having a big hooley.
BBC Good Food site is my go-to for recipes and they have this fab Blood Beetroot Cocktail that is inexpensive to make but looks really cool. There’s also one I found through Pinterest that sounds DIVINE – see the recipe here.

I hope you have a great Halloween weekend, I sure will as I’m going to the Film Fatale Danse Macabre in IMMA on Saturday!
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