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The Summer is kicking off in style! Although there is rain today the next week or so is looking to be warm and sunny – Hallelujah! Us Irish are the best in the world when the weather is in our favour – I suppose given that we have a Winter that generally lasts 6 months […]

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Well what a whirlwind the last 8 months or so have been! I have completely neglected The Dish Dolly in recent times as I was on a contract as Operations Manager at a country estate and wedding venue in Co. Meath. The things I’ve seen… The things I’ve learned! Invaluable experience to add to my […]

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Rent Cutlery For Wedding The Dish Dolly offers a solution to help you rent cutlery for wedding events and small quantities of crockery, tableware and glassware for home and small events. Well it only seems like yesterday that it was Christmas and we were all saying “Sure we have 6 months to go, plenty of […]

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