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Be the Host with the Most!

The one thing I think so many people struggle with when hosting a big event or party is how to calculate the booze and the food! The worst thing would be to run out of anything too early so my advice is always to slightly over estimate how much food and drink will be consumed. However, there are some guidelines to help you on your way:
Allow 1.5 drinks per person per hour. Obviously, there will be some people who sip at one glass of wine for an evening and others who will guzzle their way through twice this much (while entertaining everyone with impressive dance moves and well embellished stories!) So for a 3 hour cocktail reception allow for approximately 4 glasses of wine, G&T’s or bottles of beer per personFor canapes and savoury snacks 5 pieces per person is a good rule of thumb for a drinks reception; for example after your wedding ceremony or for a shop opening or gallery eventFor a buffet style dinner it is always a good idea to include 1 meat dish, 1 vegetarian dish, plenty of salads and sides such as garlic potatoes, steamed veg and lots of breads and snacky bits such as olives and sundried tomatoes. Choice is the main thing here! If you are hosting a buffet for 40 people, estimate for 35 mouths to avoid having too much waste. Bulk up on cheaper items breads, potatoes and salads if you are worried that you will run out. Again, there will be some people who have one or two snacks and others who will come after starving themselves for the day!A good idea is to stagger food options throughout your event to keep everyone happy and fed without keeling over after too many wines! Keep a dish or two and some breads on reserve for midnight snacks with a cuppaHave plenty of non-alcoholic options and water available for your party people. Have mixers, flavoured water jugs and plenty of ice set up at a table or bar
Generally, you will know your guests and will be able to cater for most peoples needs and wants but good to have a look on some websites such as BBC Good Food for extra tips and tricks to become the ultimate hooly host!
Happy hosting!!

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