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A Vintage treasure trail – my fave shops & traders

I love all things Vintage, retro, nostalgic however you want to say it. A good rummage around a charity shop, a vintage clothing store or a good old-fashioned flea market is my idea of a perfect day spent.
Here’s a rundown of my fave vintage traders and rooting shops for you to checkout:

What a bleedin’ gem in the heart of Dublin 8. Held on the last Sunday of each month the traders are sound, the vintage goods come thick and fast and the snacks on offer from the Fumbally café are only delish. I have been both a visitor and a trader at this and it is a unique offering to say the least. Vast warehouses full to the brim with colourful characters and interesting stalls. At Christmas they do a bonus 3-day extravaganza at the Point Village which is ideal for getting all your Irish gifts for all the family.

City centre… hosted weekly in a pub…. pumping tunes all day…. What’s not to love? Held in the Grand Social at the H’apenny bridge every Saturday from 12pm. The stalls are all ran by creative characters. From Vinyl, to vintage costume jewellery, to handmade crafts, to surrealist art – it’s all here! Grab a pint, order a pizza slice and have a wander and a chat.

This is an Aladdin’s Cave of vintage garb! The absolute perfect spot for one-of-a-kind pieces. The Hats! The jewels! The coats! Trust me on this, you will spend ALL YOUR MONEY HERE quite easily. Located in between South William & Drury streets it’s a perfect spot to add to your vintage shopping treasure trail.

Located in quirky Clonakilty this is the only “outside of the Pale” shop I have listed. Only open a few months it has an impeccably curated stock of vintage clothing that is rotated as quickly as you can order that mass-produced “everyone down the pub will have it on Saturday night” fancy top. Why not spend your hard earned dollar on a pre-loved fur coat, a retro 80’s dress or a pair of customised mom jeans? This shop is as unique as the fabulous Gracie who runs it.

Looking for some Vintage china pieces? A child of Prague statue for granny? Or a vintage guitar? MaybeThese things and so much more can be found with a bit of rummaging through this permanent market place. Located behind a row of buildings just off the main street, it runs every Saturday, Sunday and Bank Hol Monday. Pick up a coffee and discover all the nooks and crannies full of vintage and newer bits.

The Dish Dolly loves to restock vintage china hire items all the time from charity shops and flea markets alike. Nowhere else will you get such unique finds!
Happy rummaging!

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